Support for resource centres

The support for resource centres section has been developed to offer support and guidance to resource centre practitioners working in primary healthcare and disability sectors. 

"Resource centres are catalysts for change and can become decisive in increasing the capacity of communities and nations. They are centres of excellence which record, remember and learn from past experience, and turn this experience into lessons for the future. They tap pools of data and information and channel them into streams of knowledge flowing where they are most needed."
Streams of knowledge: the role of  water and sanitation centres in closing the gap on unmet needs
IRC, March 2000

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Selected resources

Resource Centre Manual (PDF)

Resource centre manual : how to set up and manage a resource centre

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Contains practical information on all aspects of setting up and managing a resource centre, from planning, fundraising and finding a suitable location, to collecting and organising materials, developing information services, and monitoring and evaluating the work of the resource centre. It assumes that most readers will use manual systems for organising information, but also explains how computers can be used in resource centres, including e-mail, Internet and databases. It describes how to select database software, and contains a detailed review of three leading database programs. It includes a list of organisations and publications that can provide further information