Directories of organisations in international health, disability and development

The following is a list of directories or databases of organisations working in the fields of international health, disability and/or development, which are held in Source or freely available online. These are the latest versions available. Each entry includes the title, author and publisher of the directory, along with a short abstract, the directory's location in Source with an Internet address for an online version of the directory and the organisation's contact details. This directory has been compiled to complement the Source contacts database, and the directories of other national, regional and international organisations.  We welcome your suggestions: please send comments or suggested additions to

Selected resources

Community health care

Resources for international development and emergency relief work : directory of UK suppliers and manufacturers

Connect Tech Communications (CTC) Ltd

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This directory is designed to help individuals involved in resource allocation and assessment of aid development and emergency relief programmes in the South. It provides a one-stop shop for aid agencies or charities seeking suppliers of specialist services or products. The directory is divided into two parts. The first gives suppliers listed under key classificaiton headings, and the second provides an A to Z listing of companies. The directory is also available on the Internet

Disability and Development

International Directory of Libraries for the Blind


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Provides information about libraries for blind people throughout the world. A basic search offers the choice of searching by country and/or institution. An advanced search offers the additional option to select type of materials held - braille or talking books and magazines - and in which languages

The directory


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Launched in Spring 2004, this online resource directory lists oveer 400 hundred organisations working with hearing impairment worldwide. Details can be submitted to the online directory through the NCDS website

Diseases and disease control: Communicable diseases

Diseases and disease control: HIV/AIDS

AIDS orphans assistance database (AOAD)

WORLD BANK, Early Childhood Development Team

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The purpose of the AOAD is to facilitate cooperation among organisations and individuals assisting children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and their care givers. The AOAD allows users to find, learn about and contact each other. The database also aims to help donors identify potential project partners directly, thus eliminating costly intermediaries. The purposes of the database include helping practitioners in the field to connect and exchange views and insights; helping community-based organisations and local NGOs identify potential sources of support; helping donors identify potential implementing partners; and helping programming agencies identify technical service providers

HIV and AIDS services worldwide

April 2009

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This directory lists contact details and service profiles of over 2,200 organisations working in the HIV and AIDS fields in 189 countries throughout the world. It aims to foster the sharing of skills, information and expertise. The directory lists international, national and regional organisations, as well as international networks, treatment centres, key specialist agencies and research units linked to community-based projects. The information is indexed both by organisation name and category of work, and is presented in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. A CD-ROM version is included, and the information in this directory is searchable on NAM's on-line database at

Inventory of agencies with HIV/AIDS activities and HIV/AIDS interventions in Uganda : a review of actors, interventions, achievements and constraints relating to the HIV/AIDS challenge in Uganda

July 2001

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This inventory is the result of a survey carried out across Uganda by AMREF in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Uganda AIDS Commission. Contains details of 717 agencies (governmental agencies, NGOs, faith-based agencies and community-based organisations), involved in prevention interventions, care and support provision and capacity building

Diseases and disease control: Parasitic diseases

Health personnel and training

World directory of medical schools


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Country by country directory of 1642 institutions of basic medical education that have been approved by competent national authorities in 157 countries or areas. Each entry includes the language of instruction, duration of basic medical degree course, whether an applicant is required to pass an entrance exam, and whether foreign students are eligible for admission

Information services and information management

Information management and knowledge management

Politics, economics and development

India Development Information Network (indev) Databases


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Indev hosts eight databases to assist project managers trying to access development information on India. The databases cover organisations, projects, documents, events, jobs, volunteer opportunities, appeals and consultants. Disability and rehabilitation are both listed as specific sectors for search purposes. The organisations database contains details of, and links to, over 200 organisations working in the field of disability and rehabilitation in India. The documents database contains limited but useful references to disability materials, abstracts and press releases. Straightforward to use with various search options depending on the database selected

Medical services


African civil society contact directory


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The aim of the directory is to encourage and strengthen ties between civil society organisations in Africa by providing information on civil society organisations working in Africa. The database can be searched by sector, region in Africa, country of location or keyword. Each entry gives information on the goal or aims of an organisation as well as a link to its website (if there is one) and email contact

BOND directory of members and NGO networks 2004/2005


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This is an easy to use A to Z directory of members of BOND and NGO networks. The intention of the directory is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the activities of BOND members, reflecting the range and diversity of UK based NGOs involved in international development. The NGO network pages provide a reference point for organisations and individuals wishing to liaise with NGOs to aid consultation on issues of interest ot specific networks. Each entry provides an organisation's contact details, name of director, nad a short description of the organisation. It is arranged in alphabetical order. It is also available from the BOND website


Health communication