Zimbabwean stories of best practice in mitigating the HIV crisis through a cultural and gender perspective : challenging gender dynamics in a cultural context to address HIV

PRICE, Leigh

Publication Date 

March 2009
90 p, ill.

This is a collection of best practice stories from six community-based organisations in Zimbabwe that have implemented innovative strategies and approaches in gender programming through a culture lens. The stories show how the organisations have been successful in promoting gender equality in the face of traditional practices, which relegate women in Africa to subordinate status and roles. They are about their struggles of trying to change the deep-seated traditional and cultural ideologies in a respectful and participatory way and the challenges faced by men and women from the communities who have taken the lead to bring about changes even when confronted with resistance from peers and elders, and important lessons about how to do things better

Series:Changing the river's flow seriesĀ 

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