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This CD-ROM is targetted at health care professionals and assists them in understanding research evidence, making decisions about best practice, and establishing implementation procedures to assure the change. It contains editorials, articles on research, research synthesis and methodology, summaries of beneficial and harmful forms of care, systematic reviews and commentaries, implementation aids, registers of funding agencies and NGOs involved in reproductive health, and links to websites about research and research synthesis. This edition includes 13 new Cochrane Reviews (bringing the total to 101), and corresponding commentaries and practical recommendations. This issue includes a new video on 'Vacuum extraction for assisted vaginal delivery'.

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The RHL CD-ROM is produced annually; each edition supercedes the previous one. It is also available on the Internet. To subscribe to the CD-ROM or for Internet access to the information from developing countries, contact WHO. To subscribe to the CD-ROM from industrialised countries, contact Update Software.
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