Voices of the marginalised

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The aim of 'Voices of the Marginalised' is to bring the perspectives of those who live in poverty or who are highly marginalised, including those with disabilities, older people and people living with mental health problems, into post-2015 policymaking. Focusing on Bangladesh and Tanzania, people with disabilities and older people were asked to become researchers themselves, and were trained to collect and analyse stories from peers in rural and urban areas.

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https://www.add.org.uk/file/2957/download?token=3M74mAIG (summary: we can also make change)
https://www.add.org.uk/file/2956/download?token=_avFiNQk (report: we can also make change)
https://www.add.org.uk/file/2958/download?token=nryVNQhP (voices of the marginalised)
https://www.add.org.uk/file/2960/download?token=qF8Do2t3 (summary: Hear my voice: old age and disability are not a curse)
https://www.add.org.uk/file/2959/download?token=6HXrAWs9 (Hear my voice: old age and disability are not a curse)

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