Variables Influencing Emotional Intelligence of Visually Impaired Students in Higher Education


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Purpose: Emotional Intelligence is a set of abilities which enables people to understand emotions more accurately and solve problems in their emotional lives. The present study attempted to identify variables influencing emotionalintelligence (EI) of visually impaired students studying in higher educational institutions.


Method: A survey method of descriptive research design was adopted. 60 visually impaired students pursuing higher education were selected through purposive sampling. Their emotional intelligence (EI) was measured using ‘Mangal Emotional Intelligence Inventory’ (MEII). The collected data was analysed using differential and descriptive statistics to identify the influence of selected demographic variables on EI.


Results: The study results revealed that demographic variables did not have significant impact on the EI of students with visual impairment studying in higher educational institutions, except at the onset of visual impairment. Those who had lost their vision later in life seemed to have more EI than those who were congenitally blind.


Conclusion: Suitable training programmes should be planned to promote the emotional intelligence of those who are visually impaired since birth, because most behaviour is learnt through visual clues.

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