Publication Date 
December 2015
34 p.

UNICEF envisions a world where no child dies from a preventable cause, and all children reach their full potential in health and well-being. To this end, UNICEF’s 2016-2030 Strategy for Health aims to:


- End preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths

- Promote the health and development of all children


With the first goal, UNICEF commits to maintaining focus on the critical unmet needs related to maternal, newborn and under-5 survival. With the second, UNICEF highlights the importance of also looking beyond survival and addressing the health and development needs of older children and adolescents.


The Strategy emphasises the importance of prioritising the needs of the most deprived children and promotes multi-sectoral approaches to enhance child development and address underlying causes and determinants of poor health outcomes. It aims to shift UNICEF from vertical disease programmes to strengthening health systems and building resilience, including calling for better integration of humanitarian and development efforts by encouraging risk-informed programming in all contexts.

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