Tracking universal health coverage: First global monitoring report

World Health Organisation (WHO)
The World Bank

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June 2015
98 p, ill

This report measures health service coverage and financial protection to assess countries’ progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). The report follows the launch of a monitoring framework for UHC, based on broad consultation of experts from around the world. The framework focuses on indicators and targets for service coverage – including promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation – and financial protection for all. Global access to essential health services including family planning, antenatal care, skilled birth attendance, child immunisation, antiretroviral therapy, tuberculosis treatment, and access to clean water and sanitation was assessed in 2013, and it was found that at least 400 million people lacked access to at least one of these services. The report also found that, across 37 countries, 6% of the population was tipped or pushed further into extreme poverty ($1.25/day) because they had to pay for health services out of their own pockets. 


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