Tools together now : 100 participatory tools to mobilise communities for HIV/AIDS


Publication Date 

May 2006
250 p

This publication provides a comprehensive selection of participatory learning and action tools and interactive exercises to enable communities, organisations and groups to work together and effectively in the design, implementation and evaluation of HIV and AIDS programmes. It was specifically designed to use alongside "All Together Now! Community Mobilisation for HIV/AIDS". The what, why and how of each tool is clearly described, and comments and suggestions for facilitators are also included. Each activity is accompanied by a chart, diagram or illustration that can be replicated or adapted in workshops and group activities. Tools are arranged in sections, including mapping tools, time analysis tools, linkages and relationship tools, experiential tools, prioritisation and quantification tools, action planning tools and PLA training tools. Examples of tools presented include: body mapping, community mapping, story with a gap, negotiation card game, picture story, chapati diagram, impact matrix and trust game

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