Starting school : effective transitions


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This paper focuses on effective transition-to-school programmes. Using a framework of 10 guidelines developed through the Starting School Research Project, it provides examples of effective strategies and transition programmes.The guidelines argue that effective transition-to-school programmes: establish positive relationships between the children, parents, and educators; facilitate each child's development as a capable learner; differentiate between "orientation-to-school" and "transition-to-school" programmes; draw upon dedicated funding and resources; involve a range of stakeholders; are well planned and effectively evaluated; are flexible and responsive; are based on mutual trust and respect; rely on reciprocal communication among participants; take into account contextual aspects of community and of individual families and children within that community. In this context, the nature of some current transition programmes is questioned, and the curriculum of transition is problematised. In particular, issues are raised around who has input into such programmes and who decides on appropriate curriculum

Serial Title:Early Childhood Research and Practice Serial Part:Vol 3 No 2 


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