Stakeholders' influences in CBR projects in Southern Africa


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p 3-28

[Author's abstract]: This paper explores and analyses the characteristics of the different stakeholders and their roles in influencing and achieving the objectives of CBR projects. Documentation of CBR projects in Southern Africa has been reviewed. Ten projects out of the more than 30 projects identified were studied. For these ten CBR projects, the stakeholders have been identified, and the objectives of the project have been analysed. Subsequently, the objectives of the project have been related to the interventions made by the different stakeholders involved, and the role of the Intermediate Local Supervisor or Rehabilitation Technician is emphasised. In the projects studied, this cadre played a dominant role in CBR as the most decentralised and community-oriented rehabilitation worker. In fact, CBR appears to rely completely on the involvement of this type of rehabilitation worker. It is concluded that, with such a strong emphasis on this cadre, and its inclusion in a professional rehabilitation system, the influence of other stakeholders (i.e. the non-professional stakeholders) stays unfocused

Serial Title:Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal Serial Part:vol. 16(2) 

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