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China HIV/AIDS information network (CHAIN)


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China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN) hosts an extensive website which provides an online gateway to CHAIN's resources. The web-based search engine allows users to search for materials in either electronic form or access a summary of materials unavailable electronically. CHAIN is currently expanding its online, searchable Chinese database which will allow individuals from all sectors of Chinese society to search and access CHAIN's extensive online database and download materials, or order them from the CHAIN resource centre online

Downsed : discovering potential, transforming lives|Down syndrome online


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This website offers a broad range of information specific to down syndrome and assesses and evaluates programmes and processes that can facilitate the inclusive education of people with down syndrome. It features specific information on: employment, society and politics, motor skills, family, and numbers and mathematics

Telemedicine project in district village of Andhra Pradesh

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A report on a telemedicine project in the remote hamlet of Andhra Pradesh. Using ISDN and VSAT lines, the village was connected to hospitals in Hyderabad and Chennai, bringing tertiary care to the villagers and making key specialists available to them. Although not a financial success, the popularity of the project means that the organisers want to extend the scheme further

Global Development Network


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The Global Development Network (GDN) is a global network of research and policy institutes working together to address the problems of national and regional development. It supports multidisciplinary research in social sciences; promotes the generation of local knowledge in developing and transition countries; produces policy relevant knowledge on a global scale; builds research capacity to advance development and alleviate poverty; facilitates knowledge sharing among researchers and policymakers; and disseminates development knowledge to the public and policymakers

Arrow newsletter

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ARROW strives to enable women to be equal citizens in all aspects of their life by ensuring their sexual and reproductive health and rights are achieved. A free newsletter is available online

Participatory learning and action [formerly: PLA notes]

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PLA is primarily aimed at sustainable development practitioners, researchers, students and activists. The majority of our readers come from the global South.

The journal's articles include reports on fieldwork and practical workshops around the globe. The popular "tips for trainers" section features suggestions and resources for practitioners.

Although regular publication of the journal ceased in 2013, user feedback and an external review have shown that the content continues to form a useful resource for all those engaged in participatory work. We have made the full archive available online, so that development workers, researchers and community workers can continue to access all of the material.

Baby milk action update

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Features articles and information which relate to infant feeding, in particular to legislation around this issue. Baby Milk Action is a campaigning organisation
One or two a year
Free online

Demographic and health surveys :Measure DHS

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The purpose of this website is to provide the information to support effective planning, monitoring, and evaluation of population, health, and nutrition programmes. The aim is to further understanding on global populations and health trends. The surveys conducted are designed to provide the following services: data collection and analysis; collaboration and coordination; dissemination and data use; and capacity building. This website would be useful for anyone interested in demography, health and nutrition development