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WE issues : convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the CRPD committee


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This webpage presents information about the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD), the CRPD committee and women and girls with disabilities with the aim is to highlight that more comprehensive coverage of issues of concern to women and girls with disabilities should be included in this process. Links are provided to detailed Women Enabled’s analyses and recommendations, as well as the CRPD committee's list of issues and the CRPD committee's concluding observations for each country. Further, Women Enabled’s reviews the concluding observations prepared by the CRPD Committee to determine the extent to which issues of concern to women and girls with disabilities were addressed

Journal of policy and practice in intellectual disabilities (JPPID)

JANICKI, Matthew P
et al

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"The Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities is a forum for description of evidence-based policy and practice related to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It features content related to policy development, service design, working methods and treatment procedures, and financial, administrative and legal frameworks"
Published quarterly

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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These resources have been collected to support the provision of education in places affected by COVID-19.


Collections provided are: key educational resources; advocacy; child friendly resources; child protection; coordination; country response plans; distance learning; early childhood education; gender; guidance for schools; guidance for teachers; guidance for parents and caregivers; health nutrition and WASH; inclusion; mental health and psychosocial support; recovery.

Inclusive transition


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Challenges faced by learners during education transition from class to class or school to school and ways in which these transitions can be made more inclusive and supported are presented. 

Technology justice : a call to action


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This publication presents the concept of Technology Justice and the case for radical and urgent action to achieve it. It provides an insight into three key global technology injustices, using example cases from different countries and sectors to explore various drivers of this injustice. These Include: why the poor cannot access or use the essential technologies that others take for granted; how misuse and overuse of technologies is damaging the environment we live in now, and stacking up problems for future generations; how technological innovation often contributes to these injustices, and fails to focus on solving the most pressing social and environmental challenges we face. The report ends with a call to action, outlining the need for change

Creating an accessible website


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Tips for creating an accessible website are presented. It advises to begin the project with accessibility in mind, to structure HTML properly and to preserve functionality for visitors using just a keyboard. In the working with visual content section, tips provided include: not depending on colour alone, not using CSS to convey critical information, offering alternative to audio and video content, using descriptive link text and using ARIA roles. Links are provided and additional resources listed. 

World heart federation


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The World Heart Federation urges greater action from policy makers, healthcare professionals, patient organizations and individuals to work together to reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke, and ensure people all over the world can have longer and better lives. This website presents information about the federation, activities and members, as well as background information about cardio-vascular health. Details about related congress and events, publications and press are also provided

UNDP research & publications : capacity development


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Research publications and documents on capacity development published on UNDP's website which offer information on their approach to four core issues: institutional arrangements; leadership; knowledge; and accountability and five-step-process that can be used to achieve capacity development


Note: If not taken directly to page, search for 'capacity development' in the box provided

The Index for Inclusion Network


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Like inclusion, building this Network is an unending, shared process, so we need your help in sending us your ideas and experiences.


The Index for Inclusion Network is a not-for-profit organisation to support the participatory development of education systems, schools, pre-schools, higher education and other community settings according to inclusive values. It links people in more than forty countries who have used, or want to use, the Index for Inclusion book to help them. It also connects people who use similar ideas in order to create alliances with and between them.


At the heart of the Index are some thousands of questions structured around specific aspects of a setting. These can lead adults, children and young people to look more deeply at the nature of their settings in order to make sustained improvements.

Capacity plus : serving health workers, saving lives

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This is the website for a project that is focusing on the health workforce needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The building on the Capacity Project, this project works on support for global leadership, policy and planning, education and training, workforce effectiveness, evaluation and knowledge sharing; gender equity, and faith-based organisations. The website contains a searchable knowledge library and a blog



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