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Able to include

February 2017

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"The ABLE TO INCLUDE solution improves the quality of life of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and similar conditions such as people affected by dementia or any kind of cognitive impairment. To achieve this, the project integrates a set of already-developed technologies to create a context-aware accessibility layer that, by being integrated with existing and future ICT tools, can improve the day-to-day life of people with IDD by understanding their surroundings and helping them to interact with the information society. The project focuses on the most important areas that a person needs to live independently and find fulfilment as an individual: to socialize in the context of the web 2.0, to travel independently and be able to work.

Three key technologies are used as a framework to develop everyday tasks:

Text and content simplifier
A pictogram-to-text, text-to-pictogram and pictogram-pictogram translation tool
Text-to-speech functionalities

These technologies are utilised to create an accessibility layer for people with IDD in everyday tasks within the framework of the information society. The accessibility layer is accessed through an open and free API that foster the introduction of an assistive technologies layer for people with IDD in any software development."

Network on inclusive employment of people with disabilities


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The establishment of an international digital network on inclusive employment of people with disabilities is proposed.

The main goals of this digital network are to:

  • Enhance strategic networking, engagement and dialogue among the different stakeholders around the world
  • Disseminate cutting edge knowledge, good practice and innovations through diverse formats
  • Actively involve people with disabilities in the promoting this issue in all levels.

Activities of the network to include: an electronic mailing list; a monthly webinar and presentations of new research findings and evidences and of policy papers and information material

Disability and work : global strategies for equity


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This website provides conference details and links to the keynote and plenary presentations. International government, academic, business and civil society leaders presented information highlighting innovative and effective strategies to improve employment outcomes for workers with disabilities presented by. This resource is useful to anyone interested in global strategies for equity in disability and work
"Disability and work : global strategies for equity"
Montreal, Canada
5 May 2012

Listen to our stories : words, pictures, and songs by young people with disabilities


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Listen to Our Stories highlights poetry, essays, interviews, songs, journal writing, letters, and pictures that tell the personal stories of young people with disabilities. The contributors are young girls and boys aged 5 to 21, from varied backgrounds, different talents and a range of disabilities. This website may be useful to anyone interested in personal life stories and experiences, written or told by children and young adults with disabilities

Local rehabilitation workshops - LOREWO

December 2006

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This website provides information about how to acquire assistive devices and rehabilitation services that are flexible and designed to be adapted to suit local situations and using existing, local resources. It would be useful for anyone with an interest in providing access to assistive devices in low and middle income countries

Family village school


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USA-based site on inclusive and special education. A card catalogue with specific diagnoses and general information on disability can be found in the library section. Projects and Research section has documents on inclusive education

Susan's sex support site

February 2005

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This website offers a number of online resources about disability and sexuality. Topics include gay and lesbian sexuality, aging and sexuality, sexuality and disabled adolescents, and more. The site also contains references to other resources and an online forum

Disabled women on the web


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This website focuses on women with disabilities. The resource section offers a variety of materials on and by women with disabiltites, including articles by disabled women, resources on women and disabilities and disabled women projects. A resource called “Claiming our bodies” is available

Rights into action


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This website was set up as a result of the first international congress of young disabled people in 2003, in which disabled people from about 40 countries participated

Ability Online

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Activity focused and very vibrant Canadian site in English and French. Internet interaction is provided for young people with disabilities. Produces a newsletter and provides extensive links to other resources and organisations working in disability and rehabilitation.

Network for Inclusive Education (NIE)

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This site has been set up to promote the concept of Inclusive Education with a special focus on the Asian perspective. It gives examples of an inclusive school in practice and discusses the issue of aids and appliances. It links to various other sites on inclusive education



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A network bringing together research centres, universities, enterprises, government departments, trade unions and organisations of and for disabled people. Their common goal is to advance competitive employment and training opportunities for disabled people. Through its InfoBase, Gladnet collects and indexes a wide variety of documents, such as reports, goverment documents, external websites and project descriptions, that relate to employment and training for people with disabilities. Most of the InfoBase content falls into the following subject themes -- definitions, evaluation, human rights, legislation & policy, research, and statistics

DIIR Disability India information resources

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This is a user friendly website and comprehensive online tool designed to provide accessible information to disabled persons. More specifically, the site was created to provide news about the disability field in India and share new assistive technology products. This resource would be useful for anyone interested in assistive technology and disability and development in India

Penrith photo-voice project


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The purpose of the Penrith Photo-voice Project and the website is to explore and document the social barriers faced by people with learning disabilities. The website features several photo galleries which effectively capture how they perceive their quality of life

Funky flamingo tv


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Funky Flamingo TV is the first internet television station created for and by disabled people. It features stations on the arts, film, youth and news

Inclusive Education (IE)


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This website contains material on inclusive education geared towards the Asia-Pacific region. Many UNESCO documents can be downloaded from this website, including some in Indonesian. It includes sections on 'thematic issues' in Inclusive Education such as policy and legislation, curriculum development and Education for All. The website also has links to other international organisations and to international guidelines, and information on UNESCO events in the region



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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