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Cultural stereotypes of disabled and non-disabled men and women : consensus for global category representations and diagnostic domains

December 2010

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"Despite the fact that disabled people comprise a heterogeneous social group, cross-impairment cultural stereotypes reflect a consistent set of beliefs used to characterize this population as dependent, incompetent, and asexual. Using a free-response methodology, stereotypical beliefs about disabled men (DM) and women (DW) were contrasted against the stereotypes of their non-disabled counterparts illustrating the dimensions considered most diagnostic of each group. Results revealed that both disabled and non-disabled participants expressed consensus about the contents of group stereotypes that exaggerate traditional gender role expectations of the non-disabled while minimizing perceived differences between DM and DW. Implications for the field of stereotyping and prejudice, and the individual and system justifying functions of cultural stereotypes are discussed"
British Journal of Social Psychology, 49

Disabled women in rural areas of the region

WAHAB, Fahmeeda
July 1997

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This article examines the situation for disabled women in rural areas of Asia. Various country-specific details are highlighted, such as employment, education, statistics and initiatives, and guidance for future action is provided. This article is useful for people interested in women with disabilities in rural areas of Asia


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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