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Accessible tourism research

DARCY, Simon

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The blog seeks to present a brief history of accessible tourism through reviewing key documents and presenting new research as it is published. Central to the examination of the history of the field and contemporary innovation, is an understanding that accessible tourism is complex, multilayered and involves stakeholders from the commercial, government and the third sectors. Solutions need to be developed through collaboration and understanding stakeholder perspectives.

All abroad!


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All Abroad! is an informational film to raise awareness about the possibilities and benefits of international exchange for people with physical disabilities. Mainly aimed at disability audiences, All Abroad! answers questions related to funding, accessible accommodations and other details related to international exchange opportunities. This video is useful to people interested in international exchange for people with physical disabilities
English version is free online; Japanese version can be bought for US$19.95 from their website

KING, R. A. & S.

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This is an international web site designed by and for people with disabilities, which is devoted entirely to accommodation and leisure venues which are accessible to people with disabilities. The web site is BrowseAloud enabled and presents information on accessible tourism and venues from around the world, as well as details of global organisations and information regarding equipment rental and repair. Additionally there is information for tourism providers. Users can also access self-assessment forms and surveys on accessible holidays and accessible transport


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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