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Young voices : our statement to the world


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The report presents a shared call for action from Young Voices members across the world who came together to agree a common statement of what they think needs to change to make the rights of disabled people a reality. Covering a broad range of issues, including education, employment, health and political participation, the publication also features case studies of how Young Voices groups have taken action to promote equal opportunities for disabled people

Listen to our stories : words, pictures, and songs by young people with disabilities


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Listen to Our Stories highlights poetry, essays, interviews, songs, journal writing, letters, and pictures that tell the personal stories of young people with disabilities. The contributors are young girls and boys aged 5 to 21, from varied backgrounds, different talents and a range of disabilities. This website may be useful to anyone interested in personal life stories and experiences, written or told by children and young adults with disabilities

Happy ever afters : a storybook guide to teaching children about disability


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This books gives a framework for examining children's fiction for out-dated or erroneous portrayals of disability. This book: explains how certain familiar storybooks can be interpreted to highlight major disability awareness concepts; suggests how these can be used to promote discussion about disability with children, for early years to adolescence; shows how to identify texts which create misleading ideas about disability; indicates how disability interests can be included in a number of curriculum areas

Young voices : speak out


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This website highlights Young Voices, a project that brings together groups of young people with disabilities from 19 countries around the world. Young Voices enables youth to share their experiences of fighting discrimination through filming, and encourages youth to learn more about their rights and how to campaign for them. The website contains links to the films, an online forum and related resources. This project is interesting to anyone interested in personal life stories and experiences, told and filmed from the perspective of young people living with disabilities in developing countries


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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