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Discrimination against women with disabilities

BELEZA, Maria Leonor
October 2003

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This publication highlights the difficulties that women with disabilities often encounter and includes practical information on how to improve their situation. The report analyses the underlying factors of double discrimination based on gender and disability and proposes concrete actions to achieve equality. This report would be of interest to all those concerned with the fight against discrimination throughout Europe

Claiming our bodies : resource pages

DOE, Tanis
O'TOOLE, Corbett
KAFER, Alison

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This resource pack gives an overview of resources relevant to disabled women, activists and DPOs. Disabled women gaining control over their reproductive health is an important way for them to defy the medical pathologizing and define their bodies as natural

Believe in yourself : GET SEXY


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This article discusses a range of issues facing disabled people and sexuality. Disabled people are not seen as 'sexy' in society and are not allowed to develop a sense of sexuality - for example through the media. Young disabled people may also lack adequate sex education and may be sheltered from developing their sexuality by over-protective parents

The mating game

AMATH, Eowyn

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This article is a brief discussion of the problems that disabled people in the UK have in meeting and forming relationships with potential partners


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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