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Report on the consensus conference on wheelchairs for developing countries

JACOBS, Norman A

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This conference report assisted the development of guidelines on provision of manual wheelchairs in less-resourced settings for which training and education are key elements. It recommends the adoption of the wheelchair International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards as a minimum. This report is useful for government and non-government policy makers, practitioners, providers and users of wheelchair services

Silent voices : women with disabilities and family and domestic violence

November 2003

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This report presents research that documents the nature and extent of family and domestic violence against women with disabilities who have accessed services in Western Australia and identifies whether the needs of women with disabilities are being adequately addressed by relevant services. The research finds that women with disabilities experience numerous inequities and injustices, and recommends for domestic violence and disability services to bridge the philosophical and service delivery gaps between the domestic violence and disability communities and to provide some of the practice, policy, and training resources necessary to enhance and speed these efforts. The resource is useful for people interested in family and domestic violence against women with disabilities


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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