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A systematic literature review of the quality of evidence for injury and rehabilitation interventions in humanitarian crises

SMITH, James
et al
July 2015

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This review assessed the quality of evidence that informs injury and physical rehabilitation interventions in humanitarian crises. Peer-reviewed and grey literature sources were assessed in a systematic manner and 46 articles met the inclusion criteria. The article concludes that while there is now a greater emphasis on research in this sector, the volume of evidence remains inadequate given the growing number of humanitarian programmes worldwide. Further research is needed to ensure a greater breadth and depth of understanding of the most appropriate interventions in different settings


International Journal of Public Health, Vol 60



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The International Disability Educational Alliance network (IDEAnet) is a global network of individuals and institutions collaborating on issues important to people with disabilities. The purpose of this member-oriented website is to facilitate communication and collaborative efforts among people with disabilities and professionals. The website features discussion forums, chats and document sharing. Its purpose is to encourage community members to share knowledge and generate new ideas, fostering collaboration with ongoing projects and new research. The website is useful for anyone interested in rehabilitation services in the community and disability rights


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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