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Disability inclusion in the Syrian refugee response in Lebanon

July 2013

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This report presents the key findings and recommendations from a four-week field assessment conducted by the Women's refugee Commission in Spring 2013 in northern and eastern Lebanon. Key findings are shared about the situation of Syrian refugees with disabilities, and recommendations are provided to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and partners.

From the perspective of vulnerable persons, persons with injuries/disabilities, and older persons in the current IDP crisis in pakistan : participatory rapid need assessment report

KHIZAI, Dawood Ali

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"Handicap International conducted a Participatory Rapid needs Assessment from 17-20 May 2009 focusing specifically on vulnerability at both the camp and host community levels. The assessment sought to map: opportunities for vulnerability and disability to be mainstreamed within the IDP response, recognition of vulnerability as an issue at the cluster level, accessibility of existing services and goods to vulnerable people, service delivery gaps related to disability and vulnerability and to explore the specific needs of persons with disabilities who are now IDPs"

Disabled women and domestic violence : making the links|An interim report for the women’ s aid federation of England

MAGOWAN, Pauline
October 2007

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This interim report presents a research project which explores disabled women’s experiences of domestic violence and investigates existing service provision available to them. It is "based on two national surveys, one of domestic violence organisations and one of disabled people’s organisations. Specialist facilities and accessible services were in short supply in both sectors. One recurrent issue was lack of secure on-going funding, which held many organisations back from developing their services as fully and inclusively they might wish. The provision of appropriate training, and improved liaison between the two sectors, would help to provide a better service for disabled women experiencing abuse"

Active old age [whole issue]


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This issue of CBR News addresses the issue of ageing. It contains articles on staying active in old age, answers to common questions about ageing, older people as carers, cataracts, dementia, and the identification of elder people's needs. A Fact File section on page 6 looks at the reasons for older people being at risk from HIV/AIDS


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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