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Children’s rights for all!|Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for children with intellectual disabilities

October 2011

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This publication provides an overview of the situation of children with intellectual disabilities in twenty two European countries, with a particular focus on five areas: protection against abuse, family support and (de-)institutionalisation, health, education, and participation of children. It recommends steps to be taken to remove barriers to their inclusion. The publication is based on a series of country reports that were prepared by national experts

"As if we weren’t human" : discrimination and violence against women with disabilities in northern Uganda

BARRIGA, Shantha Rau KWON, Soo-Ryun
August 2010

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After 20 years of displacement and war in northern Uganda, this research report presents information about the situation of women who acquired their disabilities due to the war or who already had disabilities before the war. The report presents interviews from women with disabilities, their family members, international agencies and NGOs, and analyses their responses given the context that Uganda is a signatory to international treaties, such as the CRPD. The report concludes by making recommendations to the government of Uganda

Violence against people with disabilities

PAUL, Nalini M
March 2010

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These slides highlight the high levels of violence towards people and children with disabilities, different types of violence, and what is being done to address the issue through legislation

Count me in campaign


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This resource presents information about a Signtsavers’ campaign that "focuses specifically on addressing the primary educational needs of children who are visually impaired. Without provision for these children the MDG of universal primary education for all will not be achieved." The campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding inclusive education and to generate funding. Information is highlighted about Sightsavers’ work across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean

Victim assistance in the context of the AP mine ban convention : priorities and challenges during the period 2010-2014|Element 7.1

May 2009

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This paper presents the priorities and challenges during the period 2010-2014 of Victim assistance in the context of the AP Mine Ban Convention. It provides a brief introduction, outlines the evolution of the status of victim assistance in the context of the Convention, applies the understandings and framework for strategic action, and presents the challenges and actions to address the challenges in fulfilling the Convention’s promise to survivors

Explosive Remnants of war : challenges for victim assistance


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This conference report provides information about victim assistance, and highlights different views and supportive approaches relating to victims of landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war. The document contains detailed information from both the conference presentations and the two workshops, and gives eight general conference conclusions. This conference report is useful for people who are interested in victim assistance issues

Habilitation, rehabilitation and general health care : facing challenges ahead to realize the goals of the CRPD

MONTERO, Federico

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Children with disabilities need improved access to good clinical care and public health services in order to achieve and maintain the best health possible. As increasing numbers of children with disabilities are living longer and fuller lives, child advocates must improve the access to both general health care and to needed habilitation or rehabilitation services and assistive devices, if these children are to reach their full potential. Such services should become increasingly available as countries adopt and then implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Promoting the rights of children with disabilities

October 2007

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This report provides a global perspective on the situation of over 200 million children living with disabilities. It focuses upon two conventions, the Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD), presenting relevant facts and figures based upon reports from countries across regions, from a wide range of sources. Related issues about disability and inclusion, children's rights and the importance of a supportive environment for children with disabilities are discussed in detail. This report would be useful for people interested the rights of children with disabilities

Education's missing millions : including disabled children in education through EFA FTI processes and national sector plans [main report of study findings]

BINES, Hazel
September 2007

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This study aims to identify and tackle the barriers to inclusive education for disabled children. Specifically, it on the role of the Fast Track Initiative (FTI) Partnership in eliminating many of these barriers. To do so, this comprehensive work reviews the FTI guidelines and programme implementation in the education sectors of 28 countries. It concludes by exposing the gaps and providing recommendations

Sport in the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities


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The aim of this publication is to protect and advance the human rights of disabled people with a specific emphasis on equal participation in sport. In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this document examines how international development agencies and sports organisations can effectively promote the advancement, support research and monitoring of the involvement of disabled people in sport. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in community participation and disability and development

Sexual and reproductive health of persons with disabilities


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This factsheet addresses frequently asked questions related to the field of disability and development, sexual and reproductive health (SRH), and HIV andAIDS. It includes excerpts of international instruments on the sexual and reproductive health of persons with disabilities This document woudl be useful for people looking for brief and basic information on SRH and disability

Gendering the draft comprehensive and integral international convention on the protection and promotion of the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities : legal background paper

ARNADE, Sigrid
January 2006

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This legal background paper asserts that the United Nations Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities should include a separate article on the equality of women with disabilities. This paper outlines the stigma, discrimination and human rights abuses that especially harm disabled women. Other issues of focus include: sexual and psychological abuse, including forced sterilisation; habilitation and rehabilitation; participation in public life; and employment. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in gender equality, women's rights and international law

Inclusive education : achieving education for all by including those with disabilities and special education needs


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This report approaches inclusive education from a holistic perspective. It takes into consideration policy aspects, the philosophy behind education in general and the historic developments in the fields of education and special needs education.
The report highlights best practice examples and lessons from the north and the south. It also describes the different international frameworks, the economic and policy implications of education for all.
It concludes that inclusive education requires decentralisation, the allocation of sufficient financial resources, accessibility and participation and must be set into the general Human Rights framework

The world wide right to education of children with a disability, how to proceed?


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This seminar report recalls internationally agreed goals and advocates for disabled children's rights to education. This concerns advocacy both at the donor level and at school education level. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in disability, development and inclusive education

International perspectives on inclusion


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This website presents summaries of four key international documents related to Inclusive Education including the Salamanca Statement and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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