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Social relationships, sexuality and reproductive rights & persons with disabilities : international workshop report

et al
March 2013

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"This report presents an analysis and an overview of main issues in relation to social relationships, sexuality and reproductive rights that emerged from the different presentations and discussions during the workshop. Most of the discussions and presentations focused on difficulties, barriers and challenges. There were a few positive examples of activities that answer those challenges and overcome those barriers. There were also some ideas of what can be or should be done in this area" “"Going beyond the taboo areas in CBR" workshop, part 1
Agra, India
29 November 2012

Out of sight, out of mind

September 2008

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This article advocates for inclusive education in India where segregation of children with disabilities persists, despite an Act of Parliament that guarantees that three per cent of school places should be reserved for them. This article is available in both HTML and PDF format

Keeping the future alive : putting inclusive values into education and society?


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In this paper the author sees inclusion as an approach to education and society concerned with increasing the participation of all and reducing all forms of discrimination and exclusion. He argues against a single issue approach advocating for disabled people. The paper deals with larger issues such as overcoming inequity and respect for difference

Advocacy and training toolkit


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"The toolkit was developed by disabled people from France, Italy, Iceland and the UK and is based on learning and evidence from visits to each of these countries. The toolkit offers information and advice to disabled people across Europe to encourage their participation and leadership in the implementation of inclusive education for disabled children and young people"


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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