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Community-based rehabilitation : CBR guidelines|Health component

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This component of the CBR Guidelines focuses on health and how to make it inclusive. It describes "the role of CBR is to work closely with the health sector to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities and their family members are addressed in the areas of health promotion, prevention, medical care, rehabilitation and assistive devices. CBR also needs to work with individuals and their families to facilitate their access to health services and to work with other sectors to ensure that all aspects of health are addressed"
It outlines key concepts and then presents the core concepts, examples and areas of suggested activities in each of the following five elements: Health promotion; Prevention; Medical care; Rehabilitation; and Assistive devices. This guideline is useful for anyone interested in health component of CBR

Adolescents and youth with disabilities : issues and challenges

GROCE, Nora Ellen

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"Of all people with disabilities, particularly in the developing world, the people about whom we know least are adolescents and young adults... Although research may be lacking, extrapolation from data that is available on youth in general and disability in general may provide a starting point for assessing and addressing the urgent needs and untapped potentials of young people with disabilities. This may be possible because the needs of young people who are disabled are strikingly similar to those of their peers who are nondisabled. Everyone, after all, shares a need for education, job training, and employment as well as a successful transition from childhood to adulthood through participation in social, cultural, religious, and economic affairs"


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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