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Cross border HIV project in Ethiopia-Somaliland : issuing from an learning-from-experience process on the project|Improvement of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in the cross-border regions of Djibouti, in Ethiopia and in Somaliland

October 2009

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This report analyses community awareness activities in reducing denial and stigmatisation of HIV/AIDS and informing them on prevention methods. This analysis is based on a project that aimed to increase prevention and care of the disease in the trans-border region of Djibiouti, Ethiopia and Somaliland between 2006 and 2009

Shifting the paradigm in social service provision : making quality services accessible for people with disabilities in south east Europe

December 2008

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This report examines the ways in which policies and practices evolve in the social services sector in South East Europe, as well as the impact of this change process on the lives of people with disabilities. It aims to identify the main stakes, priorities and steps forward that should be undertaken in order to modernise this sector in an effective and sustainable way

Child landmine survivors : an inclusive approach to policy and practice


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This document, the second working paper from the Working Group on Children Affected by Armed Conflict and Displacement, addresses the situation of children who are affected by landmines. It explains the major injuries caused by landmines, the psychological effect, the vulnerability of injured children, the international legislation concerning landmines and the importance of community-based programmes for the rehabilitation of affected children


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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