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SUPPORT tools for evidence-informed health policymaking (STP)

HANNEY, Stephen
December 2009

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This is a set of 18 tools that can be used by those involved in finding and using research evidence to support evidence-informed health policy making. The series addresses four broad areas: supporting evidence-informed policymaking; identifying needs for research evidence; finding and assessing research evidence; and, going from research evidence to decisions

Making a difference : M&E of policy research

July 2007

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"This paper aims to advance understanding on how to monitor and evaluate policy research, i.e. research that is undertaken in order to inform and influence public policy. Policy is defined very broadly to encompass both policy decisions and processes, including implementation..."

Successful communication : a toolkit for researchers and civil society organisations

October 2005

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From the introduction: "This toolkit is for researchers and practitioners who wish to communicate to policymakers. The tools are therefore specifically geared towards the needs of researchers and practitioners in civil society organisations (CSOs), including development NGOs, research institutes, think tanks, universities and networks. The toolkit addresses the questions of how researchers and CSOs can best communicate evidence in order to inform or influence policy, to achieve their own stated development objectives, or simply to make their own knowledge accessible and understandable to a wider audience." After a brief but useful introduction, tools are presented in four sections: planning, packaging, targeting and monitoring

Participatory methods toolkit : a practitioner's manual

September 2005

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This publication provides practical information for starting up and managing participatory projects. It presents and discusses ten participatory techniques, methods or applications, including participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation (PAME). Each method is defined, and indications of when to use it are given. There is a detailed discussion of how to implement each method, including budget considerations. These methods and techniques can be adapted or combined to suit specific projects. The manual is for use by practitioners who want to familiarise themselves with a variety of participatory methods, and can also be used as an introductory resource for less experienced development workers

Tools for policy impact : a handbook for researchers

START, Daniel
October 2004

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"This handbook presents work in progress on tools for policy impact, specifically geared towards the needs of researchers. "The handbook is particularly targeted at civil society organisations, or the parts of them, whose activities involve gathering evidence, doing research, learning lessons or advising on strategy for social, environmental and economic development in the North and South"


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