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Integrated questionnaire for the measurement of social capital

GROOTAERT, Christiaan
et al

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This paper introduces a tool, the Integrated Questionnaire for the Measurement of Social Capital, with a focus on developing countries. The tool aims to generate quantitative data on six dimensions of social capital as part of a larger household survey. These dimensions are: groups and networks, trust and solidarity, collective action and cooperation, information and communication, social cohesion and inclusion, empowerment and political action. The tool was tested in Albania and Nigeria and the lessons learned are presented

Measuring the difference : guide to planning and evaluating health information outreach

BURROUGHS, Catherine M
WOOD, Fred B
September 2000

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This guide presents a programmatic and goal-orientated approach to outreach activities. The premise of this approach is that evaluation is an integral part of programme development: planning and evaluating an outreach initiative is one and the same process, and asking the right questions at the beginning is essential for getting useful results at the end. The guide is practical in purpose, with checklists, worksheets and examples, but also heavily theory-based, offering a range of methodological possibilities and strategies. The guide should be useful to community organisations, libraries, clinics or other groups seeking to affect the capacity of individuals or communities to use health information resources and to address barriers to access, through simple or complex outreach projects. It is not specifically written for developing-country contexts

Social capital : a standard method of measurement

SVENDSEN, Gert Tinggaard

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This paper suggests a standard method of measuring social capital. Discussing the existing theoretical and empirical approaches, the authors suggest a questionnaire where the principal component analysis should be applied as the most appropriate method of measurement

Online monitoring and evaluation tool


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This tool supports the collection of data and the analyses of results about ICT projects. This monitoring and evaluation resource has been developed by IICD for its partners in developing countries but it is also freely available for others to use. It is based on open source software, WebEnq, and provides users with online surveys and questionnaires in order to gather information, opinions, and feedback, and draw meaningful conclusions


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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