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Directive on accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies : Toolkit

May 2017

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The European Union (EU) Directive on accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies was adopted on 26 October 2016. EU Member States will have until September 2018 to transpose this EU legislation into national law. This toolkit aims to provide key information about this EU legislation and advice for the transposition phase. Section 1 provides a timeline for transposition and implementation of the Directive, some key definitions, identification of key players and an explanation of the directive being a ‘minimum harmonisation’ Directive. Section 2 provides understanding of what the Directive covers, explains key provisions (scope, accessibility requirements, exemptions, enforcement, monitoring, etc.) and gives advice to DPOs (disabled people's organisations) concerning what they can do at national level to ensure the best possible implementation for persons with disabilities in their country

eforums on HIV and TB : a toolkit for launching, moderating and managing a high quality eforum

KISTLER, Elizabeth
et al

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This toolkit aims to provide organisations working in health and development with tools to launch, moderate and manage high-quality eForums that provide a safe space for civil society focused information sharing, networking and dialogue. It has the potential to be applied to a range of health and development issues. It is intended for international, regional and national civil society organisations recognising the power of information and the significance of a transparent, broad-based communication mechanism that enhances civil society responses to HIV and TB

Toolkit : disseminating research online


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Tips and practical suggestions for communicating academic research using the internet. The toolkit provides an overview and links to resources on how people use the internet, writing for the web, presenting research in a web-friendly way, helping your users find your research and digital document formats

Developing web-empowered communications strategies


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This online guide emphasises that the web is a key communication medium and looks at ways to transfer communication skills from other media to web communications. The introduction notes how the development of a website can spark analysis of an organisation's broader communication strategy. Audience analysis, understanding organisational communication practices, what components need to be included in a web communications strategy, and the links between internal and external communication are covered. Case studies demonstrate several components of the guide

New thinking : web writing


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Archive of a monthly e-mail newsletter on developing content for websites and e-mail newsletters by Gerry McGovern (a US web writing expert). Includes tips on writing headlines and summaries, using keywords and writing so that users can navigate easily


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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