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Hooked on tobacco

February 2002

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A report into the plight of tobacco farmers in Brazil. The report finds that British American Tobacco's (BAT) power is disadvantaging contract famers in Brazil. It raises serious concerns about the health and safety of farmers and their families, especially in relation to their exposure to pesticides. It also looks at the exploitative relationship between the farmers and BAT's subsidiary in Brazil

Social medicine portal

SMITH, Lanny

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This website is devoted to promoting the principles and practice of social medicine. The aim of this site is to put researchers in touch with some of the diverse international resources available for health activists and those interested in the interactions between health and society. The site contains many links as well as a few documents and presentations. The material is divided into the following pages: an introduction to the Social Medicine portal; materials for students; health activism, social medicine A to Z; learning more about social medicine; community health; and Latin American social medicine. The A to Z section is divided into access to treatment, AIDS, equity, global health, globalisation, Health for All, US healthcare reform, occupational health, race, social determinants of health, smoking and war


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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