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This issue of the Coordinators' Notebook has two main sections: an extensive article entitled 'Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation on Behalf of Young Children', and a series of case studies of projects in the Caribbean, Pakistan, East Africa, Brazil, Tanzania and the USA. It addresses issues including: the different dimensions of advocacy for early childhood care and development, expanding the view of what constitutes advocacy on behalf of young children; the role of communication in moving agenda and practice forward; and the purposes and roles of advocacy

Saguaro Seminar : civic engagement in America

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This website hosts resources and tools aimed to promote trust and community engagement in America. It publicises approaches, organisations and networks that have been effective in building social capital and reciprocity. Resources included can be adapted and applied to other contexts, including communities in developing countries. Includes a section containing social capital research and bibliographies and a useful section on social capital measurement and evaluation


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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