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Theatrescience in Uganda schistosomiasis control initiative festival, Busia 2010

April 2010

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This is a video of clips from the 'Acting Against Worms' (bilharzia) school drama festival in Busia, Eastern Uganda, in April 2010. It was part of an initiative to raise awareness among school children and local communities about bilharzia (or schistosomiasis), a disease that caused by worms that live in fresh water throughout regions of Sub-Saharan Africa

From Kampala to the districts : linking data, saving lives

September 2009

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In this video two Ugandan nurses speak of what inspired them to take up nursing and how much they enjoy it, but also the challenges they face in terms of staff shortages and conditions. The video also highlights how the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, based in Kampala, are using data to support the country's health workers and improve health care in the districts

Young voices : speak out


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This website highlights Young Voices, a project that brings together groups of young people with disabilities from 19 countries around the world. Young Voices enables youth to share their experiences of fighting discrimination through filming, and encourages youth to learn more about their rights and how to campaign for them. The website contains links to the films, an online forum and related resources. This project is interesting to anyone interested in personal life stories and experiences, told and filmed from the perspective of young people living with disabilities in developing countries


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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