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The roles and influence of grandmothers and men : evidence supporting a family-focused approach to optimal infant and young child nutrition


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"This report reviews both published and gray literature from the past 25 years that addresses intra-household roles and dynamics related to infant and young child nutrition-specifically the roles and influence of senior women, or grandmothers, and men. The report examines infant and young child nutrition and other maternal and child health interventions explicitly involving grandmothers and/or men and reports on each intervention’s effectiveness"

Improving nutrition as a development priority : addressing undernutrition in national policy processes in sub-Saharan Africa


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This report examines the findings of a qualitative institutional study on nutrition in four countries in Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Uganda. The focus is twofold: first, to seek a general understanding as to why it is difficult for undernutrition to be targeted as a national development priority; and secondly to examine in more detail the four interrelated elements of the policy processes that are relevant to addressing undernutrition in each country. These are: policy making structures, political actors, the narrative of undernutrition that informs the policy choice and the timing of policy change

Infant and young child feeding in emergencies : making it happen, proceedings of a regional strategy workshop

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Young child feeding in emergencies is often poorly managed and supported, yet is a crucial component of an adequate emergency response and an important intervention to save lives and prevent malnutrition. This four day workshop aimed to reach consensus on how to protect and support Infant and young child Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) in the region. The particular focus was on emergency preparedness and the early humanitarian response on IFE

Improving child health through nutrition : the nutrition minimum package


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The minimum pack interventions aim to achieve positive health and nutrition behaviours: exclusive breastfeeding for about six months, appropriate complementary feeding starting at about six months in addition to breastfeeding until 24 months, adequate vitamin A intake for women, infants and young children, nutritional management during and after illness, iron support for pregnant women and regular use of iodised salt by all families


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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