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Out of control : the UK Government’s efforts to understand cluster munitions and international humanitarian law

November 2005

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This report analyses UK government practices regarding cluster munitions and the implementation of international humanitarian law. The findings point to fundamental inadequacies in UK government practice and also highlight serious areas of concern for broader international humanitarian legislation. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in government policy, advocacy and humanitarian law

HIV/AIDS and security


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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic is affecting national and human security. It looks at the impact of sexually transmitted diseases on the military and other uniformed services, what is known about the incidence / prevalence of the problem, and where and why military personnel are most vulnerable. It also reviews what some of the main international agencies and NGOs are doing in this field and provides information on selected case studies

The people on war report : ICRC worldwide consultation on the rules of war


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Report of a consultation with civilians and combatants in 12 countries that have endured the modern forms of war. The research included national opinion surveys, focus group discussions and face-to-face interviews. Among the findings of the report are that combatants find war a bloody, terrifying and humiliating expereince; for combatants the most painful thing about war is what happens to their families and home villages; for civilians there is an immense emotional and physical toll; the most widespread experience of civilians is the radical disruption of family life; in many countries whole societies are at war, and people at all levels are totally engaged in combat; in the past women were seen as needing protection, however now they have become part of the action often as combatants; specific protections for women and children have dissolved; children are often at the centre of conflict and may be recruited; there is little awareness of the Geneva conventions on the conduct of war in many conflict situations


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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