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Menstrual hygiene : breaking the silence | Beyond construction : use by all|A collection of case studies from sanitation and hygiene promotion practitioners in South Asia

AHMED, Rokeya
YESMIN, Kabita

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This paper provides information about an awareness-builidng programme from WaterAid Bangladesh focusing on the issue of menstrual hygiene. It highlights the incorporation of menstrual awareness and management in sanitation and hygiene programmes. This paper is useful for people interested in menstrual hygiene issues

Girl-friendly toilets for schoolgirls : helping adolescent girls


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This case study details a Plan International project to design ‘girl-friendly’ school toilets, based on consultation with girl students, 10 schools in Ghana. The design includes a room for washing and changing, larger toilet holes to suit girls, a door on the urinal, and provision of water and soap inside the changing room and at the exit to the urinal. Photos and three-dimensional drawings are provided. This case study is useful for people interested in 'girl-friendly' school WASH designs

Screened toilet, bathing and menstruation units for the earthquake response in NWFP, Pakistan

NAWAZ, Jamila
et al

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This paper describes an initiative that put screened toilets, bathing and menstruation units into emergency camps in rural mountain areas in northern Pakistan, following an earthquake in October 2005. Design drawings are provided, and recommendations for improvements are given, based upon the feedback from users of the facilities. This information would be useful for people interested in hygiene units


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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