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School and classroom disabilities inclusion guide for low- and middle-income countries

BULAT, Jennae
et al
January 2017

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This guide provides strategies and recommendations for developing inclusive classrooms and schools. We specifically address the needs of Sub-Saharan African countries, which lack the resources for implementing inclusive education. However, our strategies and recommendations can be equally useful in other contexts where inclusive education practices have not yet been adopted. Strategies for enhancing existing school and classroom environment and instruction include: modify the physical environment; modify classroom managment strategies; ensure social inclusion; adopt best instructional practices; apply strategies for students with sensory disabilities; and use assistive technologies. Strategies for adopting response to intervention include: tier by tier implementation; individualised education plans; and planning for school wide adoption of inclusive practices and a multilevel system of support.



CBM disability and development policy


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This document outlines the organisational policy for CBM. It also serves to address the relationship between disability and other key development issues including: human rights, HIV and AIDS, poverty, and gender equality. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in disability and development


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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