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Learning lessons from experience

GUY, Michael
May 2014

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This practical guide on learning lessons from experience is for all Handicap International staff (individuals and teams) who intend to conduct or support lesson learning from a project or programme experience. The guide is organised into the following three main sections:

  • Principles and Benchmarks: this section provides important definitions and a framework for understanding how lesson learning occurs within Handicap International programmes
  • Planning: this section offers practical advice for planning a lesson learning process and explains how to formulate clear Terms of Reference; how to select a methodology; and how to prepare a detailed Action Plan
  • Implementation tools: this section offers practical tools to help implement an effective lesson learning process, including: how to capture, formalise and publish lessons learned; how to disseminate your publication: and how to influence change

PG 12

Guide for designing results-orientated projects and writing successful proposals

December 2002

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This guide aims to provide organisations seeking funding with tools for project design and proposal writing. Although designed for medium- to large-size projects, the principles and suggestions presented in this guide can also be applied to smaller projects. The successful proposal needs a convincing project design, with a coherent logical framework, clear goals, objectives and activities, and means of verification and data collection. The second part of the document looks in some detail at the writing of the proposal from cover page to annexes


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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