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Guidance on infant feeding and HIV in the context of refugees and displaced populations


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This Guidance on Infant feeding and HIV aims to assist in policy formation and decision-making strategies on infant feeding and HIV in refugees and displaced populations. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the current consensus on infant feeding and HIV, and to give guidance to facilitate implementation of HIV and infant feeding programmes in refugee and displaced situations, in emergency contexts, and as an integral element of a coordinated approach to public health, HIV and nutrition programming

Advocacy guide for HIV/AIDS

HAMAND, Jeremy
June 2001

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This guide describes what advocacy can do, often at little cost, in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. It does not describe how to organise advocacy campaigns, as this is covered in other publications, but instead tries to focus on how advocacy can further awareness, combat stigma, and address barriers to care at all levels. Suggests how advocacy can address issues experienced by all PLWHA and by specific vulnerable groups, such as children, prisoners, drug users and others


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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