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Water, sanitation and hygiene for schoolchildren in emergencies : a guidebook for teachers

November 2011

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"WASH in Schools aims to support the provision of safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities, and promotes lifelong health for children and their families...This guidebook is a resource for those involved in teaching and working with children in emergency preparedness, during an emergency and throughout the recovery period. It provides simple strategies for use and adaptation with all children and families to ensure a smooth and healthy transition to a healthy and accessible learning environment...The guidebook provides the information needed to ensure that every child knows about water, sanitation and hygiene. It is not a technical book about installing taps and building toilets. Instead it provides guidance on safe WASH behaviours that help children, families and teachers stay healthy and avoid life threatening diseases. Every emergency and child-friendly space or school is different, so the suggestions and ideas provided should be adapted to suit the local situation"
Note: a book of flashcards is available as a companion to the guidebook. Although this guidebook’s pictures were created for the Africa region, flashcard sets for Asia and Latin America are also available from the website

Towards effective programming for WASH in schools : a manual on scaling up programmes for water, sanitation and hygiene in schools

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

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This manual deals with school water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH). It describes the many elements needed for scaling up programmes for water, sanitation and hygiene in schools while ensuring quality and sustainability. It is meant for government and NGO staff responsible for programming WASH in schools

Encouraging good hygiene and sanitation : a PILLARS guide

CARTER, Isabel

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This guide is an accessible tool for small group discussion. It aims at helping communities improve their lifestyle through better hygine and sanitation practices. Prevention of diseases is more effective if people can make their own informed decisions regarding sanitation, hygiene and water supplies. The guide adopts a Christian perspective and in the last section of the book the topics of hygiene, water and sanitation are linked to the Bible's teachings on holiness, baptism and purity

PHAST step-by-step guide: a participatory approach for the control of diarrhoeal disease

WOOD, Sara

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This document offers practical guidelines to help communities improve hygiene behaviour and prevent the spread of diarrhoeal diseases. Using a typical PHAST approach, it advocates the adoption of participatory methods and the involvement and empowerment of communities. Tailored for facilitators and programme managers working in the community, it provides some key background concepts and suggests detailed step-by-step activities that should help identify, analyse and plan solutions to the related problems of water management, sanitation, hygiene behaviour and diarrhoeal diseases


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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