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The Institute's quarterly Magazine for members, published in March, June, September and December, is edited by Chris Daniels and his editorial team. Enquiries about journal content and articles for publication should be sent to the Editor. It is mailed free to members of the Institute on publication, and is available to non-members at £10 for a single copy or £35 for an annual subscription for four copies

World Health Forum

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World Health Forum covers a wide range of health issues, and therefore does not always cover health care technology issues

World Hospital and Health Services

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Published 3 times a year in English, with summaries of each article in French and Spanish. Since the beginning of 1994, published one article in French in every other issue of the journal and one article in Spanish in the intermittent issue, with summaries in English

Development dialogue

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"Development Dialogue is addressed to individuals and organizations in both the South and the North, including policy makers, international institutions, member of civil society, the media and the research community. "Development dialogue is intended to provide a free forum for critical discussion of international development priorities for the 21st century."
produced up to three times a year
free online

Community eye health|an international journal to promote eye health worldwide

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Provides continuing education for ophthalmologists, doctors, ophthalmic assistants, nurses and community health workers in developing countries. Features review articles and research updates on prevention of blindness as well as practical information on clinical procedures and treatment. Covers all aspects of eye care, with up-to-date information on ophthalmic practice and opinion. Places particular emphasis on the methods of prevention and cure available to community health workers
Four times a year
Free (developing countries)
£28.00/US$50 (elsewhere)

Health promotion international

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articles describe not only theories and concepts, research projects and policy formulation, but also planned and spontaneous activities, organisational change, social and environmental development from various sectors including education, health services, employment, government, the media, industry, environmental agencies, and community networks.
£95 (individuals)
£204 (institutions)
Most full text articles are free online

Boiling point|a practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction

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A technical journal for those working with household energy. Deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. Contains practical information on stove construction and design, appropriate technologies in the field of stoves and household energy, stove making materials, governmental and NGO stove programmes, research and development, associated sociological issues, cooking practices, fuel issues and conservation. Back issues available on CD-ROM. Previously published by Practical Action
Articles published online when they are ready
Free onine
Subscribers receive additional articles

Health exchange

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Publication of The Health Exchange ceased in 2006
Re-launched as Health Exchange in March 2009 by Merlin, RedR and Healthlink Worldwide

CAREC surveillance report (CSR)

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Aimed at epidemiologists and environmental and public health officers. Provides regular updates on a range of diseases prevalent in the region. The CSR's primary purpose is the feedback of surveillance data and dissemination of technical information to better understand the health situation, to prevent, control and eliminate disease and to promote health. Click on the link near the bottom of the home page to access archive

Epidemiological bulletin

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The Epidemiological Bulletin reports and comments on the epidemiological status of communicable diseases of priority public health concern. It provides information on technical aspects of disease surveillance, and prevention and control programmes in the Americas
Four times a year

Community development journal|an international forum

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An international journal that aims to promote the theory and practice of community development. It includes case studies and articles from all parts of the world. It also analyses the political, social and economic dimensions of community work and the role of governments in fostering sustained development, in both rural and urban settings
Four times a year
Free online

Food, nutrition and agriculture

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The journal of FAO, considers wide range of health and development issues related to food and nutrition. Reports, technical notes, bulletins on labelling, additives and new publications. Publication ceased in 2005, but the archive is available online



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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