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Documentation for change [whole issue]

March 2006

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This issue of LEISA is dedicated to documentation processes: how they contribute to the generation of new knowledge, and how they help people reflect on and improve their activities. This issue highlights examples of documentation in a range of field projects, and communication media from photography and participatory video to written case studies and oral testimonies or histories. The articles show how documentation can be done by anyone involved in a project, and can be more than just descriptive. Good documentation processes form part of wider monitoring and evaluation activities, and are essential for sharing knowledge and good practice with others

Health promotion international

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articles describe not only theories and concepts, research projects and policy formulation, but also planned and spontaneous activities, organisational change, social and environmental development from various sectors including education, health services, employment, government, the media, industry, environmental agencies, and community networks.
£95 (individuals)
£204 (institutions)
Most full text articles are free online

Global health promotion (formerly: Promotion and education)

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Covers a wide range international health promotion and health education programmes. Specific themed issues concentrate on subject areas such as adolescent health, school health or community health.
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