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Weak promise on HIV/AIDS [whole issue]

August 2006

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This issue focuses on HIV and AIDS and ageing and considers the effects of the epidemic on the elderly. Articles look at how parents provide care during illness to their children with little formal support in Cambodia, explore the experience of older people affected by HIV in dealing with grief in Tanzania, and report on the work of 'Empathy clubs' for older women caring for children with HIV in Vietnam

Memory work [whole issue]

June 2005

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This issue of Medicus Mundi Schweiz Bulletin is devoted to memory work. Articles describe the evolution of memory books and memory work; NACWOLA’s experiences in Uganda; scaling up memory work; and related projects and tools such as hero books and the Ten Million Memories Project

Child-centred approaches to HIV/AIDS [whole issue]

December 2004

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This issue of Child to Child Newsletter focuses on the "Child centred approaches to HIV/AIDS" (CCATH) project and related initiatives in east Africa. It documents various initiatives to identifying and replicating positive coping mechanisms and mitigating negative ones

Boiling point|a practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction

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A technical journal for those working with household energy. Deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. Contains practical information on stove construction and design, appropriate technologies in the field of stoves and household energy, stove making materials, governmental and NGO stove programmes, research and development, associated sociological issues, cooking practices, fuel issues and conservation. Back issues available on CD-ROM. Previously published by Practical Action
Articles published online when they are ready
Free onine
Subscribers receive additional articles

CAREC surveillance report (CSR)

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Aimed at epidemiologists and environmental and public health officers. Provides regular updates on a range of diseases prevalent in the region. The CSR's primary purpose is the feedback of surveillance data and dissemination of technical information to better understand the health situation, to prevent, control and eliminate disease and to promote health. Click on the link near the bottom of the home page to access archive

Epidemiological bulletin

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The Epidemiological Bulletin reports and comments on the epidemiological status of communicable diseases of priority public health concern. It provides information on technical aspects of disease surveillance, and prevention and control programmes in the Americas
Four times a year

New scientist

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Some content freely available online
Print & elecctronic - 143.00 GBP
Electronic only - 69.00 GBP

AIDS education and prevention

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An interdisciplinary journal, which is the official publication of the International Society for AIDS education.Some issues and articles are available free online
Subscription on enquiry

Hazards magazine

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Looks at workplace safety, using a global network of union safety correspondents.
Individual: 15 GBP (UK)
Individual: 20 GBP (outside UK)
Institutional: 28 GBP (UK)
Institutional: 32 GBP (outside UK)
Free online

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

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This is an open-access, peer reviewed journal devoted to the world's most neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), such as elephantiasis, river blindness, leprosy, hookworm, schistosomiasis, and African sleeping sickness
new articles published regularly
Free online

The international journal of occupational and environmental medicine

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A peer-reviewed, open access publication of articles relevant to epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, and management of occupational and environmental diseases. It also covers work-related injury and illness, accident and illness prevention, health promotion, health education, the establishment and implementation of health and safety standards, monitoring of the work environment, and the management of recognized hazards. The aim is specifically to address those diseases associated with petrochemical and oil industries.
eISSN: 2008-6814
pISSN: 2008-6520
Readers are encouraged to sign up to recieve the Table of Contents for each new issue of the journal by email

Bulletin of the World Health Organization|the international journal of public health

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Focuses on a particular issue each month and contains reviews of latest scientific and biomedical research. Places research findings and policy-relevant discussion side by side to highlight good practice in approaching health problems.The full-text of articles are available in full-text, free-of-charge on the WHO website. A monthly table of contents is also available by email alert
12 issues per year
Free online
Print : 181.00 CHF - (developing countries), 331.00 CHF - (elsewhere)

Oasis|the WaterAid journal

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Articles focus on WaterAid-funded projects in Africa and South Asia, concentrating on the provision of safe water supplies, effective sanitation and hygiene promotion
Twice a year

Malaria matters|featuring Netting news

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Provides access to operational research, technical advances and lessons learned about malaria and insecticide treated bednets. Each issue contains a feature article on current research, events or concerns, summaries of projects, products, meetings and reviews of recent articles, books or newsletters. Contributions and suggestions from all readers are welcome
Produced irregularly

Global immunization news (GIN) (formerly: Immunization focus)

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Aims to update health and immunization decision-makers on the latest issues and debates in vaccine development and delivery, focusing on policy and research of interest to developing countries. The articles are largely analytic, in-depth features and status updates on topical issues



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