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Boiling point|a practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction

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A technical journal for those working with household energy. Deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. Contains practical information on stove construction and design, appropriate technologies in the field of stoves and household energy, stove making materials, governmental and NGO stove programmes, research and development, associated sociological issues, cooking practices, fuel issues and conservation. Back issues available on CD-ROM. Previously published by Practical Action
Articles published online when they are ready
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CAREC surveillance report (CSR)

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Aimed at epidemiologists and environmental and public health officers. Provides regular updates on a range of diseases prevalent in the region. The CSR's primary purpose is the feedback of surveillance data and dissemination of technical information to better understand the health situation, to prevent, control and eliminate disease and to promote health. Click on the link near the bottom of the home page to access archive

Hazards magazine

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Looks at workplace safety, using a global network of union safety correspondents.
Individual: 15 GBP (UK)
Individual: 20 GBP (outside UK)
Institutional: 28 GBP (UK)
Institutional: 32 GBP (outside UK)
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Baobab is a magazine for community development workers in dryland Africa to share experiences on good and bad development practices
3 times a year
Print: Free (developing countries), 20 GBP (elsewhere)
Electronic Free

Participatory learning and action [formerly: PLA notes]

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The principal aim of Participatory Learning and Action is to enable practitioners of participatory methodologies throughout the world to share their field experiences, conceptual reflections and methodological innovations. The series is informal and seeks to publish frank accounts, address issues of practical and immediate value, encourage innovation, and act as a 'voice from the field'. Though not dealing exclusively with health issues, these are regularly covered in articles and special issues
Twice a year
Print: free (developing countries), 56.00 USD individuals, 150 USD institutions
Free online

Journal of human development, disability and social change

GAUCHER, Charles

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The bilingual Journal of Human Development, Disability and Social Change focuses on the development and diffusion of knowlege about personal and environmental determinants of the social participation of people with disabilities. The journal values "interdisciplinary", "cross-disability" and "transgenerational" perspectives: all disciplines, impairments and disabilities, as well as age groups are included. The publication accepts submissions from authors discussing about the rehabilitation, adaptation, social participation and people with disabilities human rights fields
Two issues per year


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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