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Embedding ICT in development [whole issue]

HAGEN, Ingrid
October 2004

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This article presents the framework which the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) has started to use for supporting ICT-related initiatives in development contexts. The framework builds on several years of experience with ICT support and shows that combining practical work on the ground with policy work at a higher level is the most promising way of achieving added value and impact

Global future|a World Vision journal of human development

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Each issue deals with a topical theme, and includes articles from policy makers, grassroots activists and development practitioners. The aim is to offer a neutral space for a range of views, with World Vision editorial comment. Global Future is distributed free to those working in the field of human development. Past themes have included trade, human rights, HIV/AIDS, corporations and conflict
Publication has ceased, but an archive is available online
Produced 3-4 times a year
Free online

The European journal of development research

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A multi-disciplinary journal that seeks to broaden our understanding of the processes that advance or impede human development, whether from a political, economic, sociological or anthropological perspective
Produced 5 times a year
Rest of World: 448 GBP (institutional) 70 GBP (personal)
Europe: 448 GBP (institutional) / 70 GBP (personal)
US: 740 USD (institutional) 116 USD (personal)


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