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Where can design have the greatest impact in the next five years?

CASEY, Valerie
April 2014

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This special 100th journal issue focuses on women, design and social impact. The concept of "Design for all" is that the starting point should be the needs of people with activity limitation, such as physical, sensory and mental or cognitive limitation, and spaces, buildings and products should be designed to be accessible to all without losing the aesthetic or adding to cost.

The Journal contains 10 short essays by designers addressing issues such as: the need to assess the requirements of users first; exploring the political and social aspects of design; the responsibilities of designers; design as a problem solving tool;design to improve the lives of the poorest; sustainability; development; technology; and the environment

Design For All Journal​, Vol 9, No 4 

Embedding ICT in development [whole issue]

HAGEN, Ingrid
October 2004

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This article presents the framework which the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) has started to use for supporting ICT-related initiatives in development contexts. The framework builds on several years of experience with ICT support and shows that combining practical work on the ground with policy work at a higher level is the most promising way of achieving added value and impact

Development dialogue

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"Development Dialogue is addressed to individuals and organizations in both the South and the North, including policy makers, international institutions, member of civil society, the media and the research community. "Development dialogue is intended to provide a free forum for critical discussion of international development priorities for the 21st century."
produced up to three times a year
free online

Community development journal|an international forum

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An international journal that aims to promote the theory and practice of community development. It includes case studies and articles from all parts of the world. It also analyses the political, social and economic dimensions of community work and the role of governments in fostering sustained development, in both rural and urban settings
Four times a year
Free online

New internationalist

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Reports on the issues of world poverty and inequality, focuses on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless in both rich and poor nations. A selection of articles from each issue are available free online
Online: 24.00 GBP
Print: UK subscribers 36.85 GBP, Overseas subscribers 41.85 GBP

Population and development review

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Population and Development Review seeks to advance knowledge of the interrelationships between population and socioeconomic development and provides a forum for discussion of related issues of public policy. The journal contains articles on advances in theory and application, policy analysis, sociographic studies, and critical assessments of recent research; notes and commentaries on current population questions and policy developments; data and perspectives on new statistics and their interpretation; archives with a resonance for current debate on population issues; book reviews; and documents and official voices on population matters from around the world
See table of subscription rates:

Global future|a World Vision journal of human development

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Each issue deals with a topical theme, and includes articles from policy makers, grassroots activists and development practitioners. The aim is to offer a neutral space for a range of views, with World Vision editorial comment. Global Future is distributed free to those working in the field of human development. Past themes have included trade, human rights, HIV/AIDS, corporations and conflict
Publication has ceased, but an archive is available online
Produced 3-4 times a year
Free online

Africa renewal [formerly: Africa recovery]

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Covers a variety of development related issues in Africa, with a specific country focus for each issue. Issues relating to debt, the environmental, political and economic aspects, are included, as well as latest developments in diseases and disease control
Four times a year
Free online

Human resources for health development journal (HRDJ)|an international journal for development of human resources for health

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This open access, online journal publishes papers on all aspects of planning, producing and managing human resources for health - all those who provide health services worldwide. As such, it conveys the quantitative and qualitative products of research and analysis, and seeks to address policy issues and foster policy debate. It invites contributions from users of health services as well as from academics, policy-makers and practitioners in the health realm and from disciplines - such as the behavioural sciences, economics, law, geography and management - that impinge on health and health development
Three times a year
Free (Online)


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