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Disability, CBR and inclusive development (DCID) - Vol 27, No 4 (2016)


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"Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development aim to enhance knowledge in the field of disability, addressing the needs of practitioners in the field (particularly those from developing countries), policy makers, disabled persons’ organizations and the scientific community. The journal encourages publication of information that is evidence-based, to improve current knowledge and programmes implementation, and will be openly and freely accessible to all readers" ”Published four times a year, previously published two times per year

Our rights [formerly: Disability tribune, previously: Disability awareness in action]|the International Disability and Human Rights Network

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Disability Awareness in Action (DAA) is an information network on disability and human rights. Our Rights is DAA's monthly publication on disability rights. The newletters contain up to date information about the CRPD and news about disability rights in the UK and internationally. Links are provided to newsletters dated from July 2008 to present and to DAA's former newsletter, The Disability Tribune. The newletters are available to download in word, PDF and text format. This resource is useful for people in disability and development focusing upon the rights-based initiative

Leprosy review

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Aims to contribute towards the better understanding of leprosy and its control. Contains original papers on all aspects of leprosy, including research
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Some free copies available on request to organisations unable to pay
Free online

BMC international health and human rights

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BMC International Health and Human Rights is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in health care in developing and transitional countries, and all issues relating to health and human rights. Covers a wide range of health-related topics, from a right-based perspective, including HIV and AIDS, malaria, leprosy, child health, mental illness, disease eradication, community based rehabilitation and biotechnology
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Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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