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Testing treatments : better research for better healthcare

EVANS, Imogen

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This book highlights issues that are fundamental to ensuring that research into the effects of treatments is soundly based and designed to answer questions that matter to patients and the health professionals to whom they turn for help in critically assessing treatment options

Keeping it real : combating the spread of fake drugs in poor countries

HARRIS, Julian
MORRIS, Julian
May 2009

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This paper is about substances that are sold as medicines yet are not what they purport to be. Some of these substances are deliberately mislabeled, i.e. counterfeit. Others may have been inadvertently mislabelled or the pills contaminated during manufacture. Others may originally have been exactly as they claim, but due to poor storage have degraded and are consequently substandard. The paper is composed of four parts. The first looks at the scope of the problem in less developed countries; the second examines the health impacts of fake medicines; the third section considers the main causes of the problem; and the final section offers some possible solutions

International drug price indicator guide|Guia internacionale de indicadores de precios de medicamentos|Indicateur de prix internationaux des medicaments|2008

FRYE, Julie E

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This guide contains a spectrum of prices from pharmaceutical suppliers, international development organisations, and government agencies. Its aim is to make price information more widely available in order to improve procurement of medicines of assured quality for the lowest possible price. Comparative price information is important for getting the best price, and this is an essential reference for anyone involved in the procurement of pharmaceuticals. This guide will help to: * Determine the probable cost of pharmaceutical products; * Compare current prices paid to prices available on the international market; * Plan budgets and programmes; * Assess the potential financial impact of changes to your current medicines list, and * Support rational medicines use education

Fight AMR : save medicines for our children : call for action


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This leaflet has been produced to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance and possible areas of intervention including infection control, promoting effective diagnosis, improving prescribing practices and encouraging optimal use of antimicrobial agents. It is targeted at all the different groups of stakeholders who are in position to contribute to implementation of the containment actions that have been defined in the WHO Global Strategy for Containment of Antimicrobial Resistance

Civil society report on intellectual property, innovation and health

et al

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This report explores issues of intellectual property rights and low rates of access to medicines in low-income countries. It tries to address the dilemma of encouraging the development of new drugs without patents becoming a hindrance to access. The report finds that while a reasonable system of protection of intellectual property rights can actually support innovation, access to essential drugs is often restricted by government tariffs and taxes and unnecessary regulations

Telmed-Udec : un nuevo horizonte de integración de las TIC en la Salud Chilena

CAREAGA Butter, Marcelo
OPAZO Verdugo, Javier
et al
September 2005

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Describes two initiatives in telemedicine developed in Chile: the Virtual Learning Communities (Comunidades Virtuales de Aprendizaje -CVA) and the Virtual Observatory, as examples of exchange of knowledge among health professionals in Chile, especially in the areas of obstetrics and child care

Experiencia de la telemedicina en Costa Rica

September 2005

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The project of telemedicine in Costa Rica was consolidated in 1998 with a strong technological investment that has allowed it to cover tertiary and some secondary care since 2002. At the moment, the telemedicine services continue, but without a formal structure that allows it to get the first level of attention

Venezuela a la vanguardia en telemedicina

February 2005

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This article defines telemedicine and describes the development of a software system to transmit audio and video in real time direct from an operating room, so that every person interested in an operation can watch it from his or her house, office or educational institution

Equitable access to essential medicines : a framework for collective action

March 2004

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Equitable and universal access to essential medicines is a vital aspect of any health strategy in resource-limited settings. This document provides a framework of action for policy makers, highlighting the key objectives of successful essential drugs programmes: rational selection and use of essential medicines; affordable prices; sustainable financing; reliable supply systems

First study of teledermatology in Mexico : a new public health tool|Primer estudio de teledermatología en México. Una nueva herramienta de salud pública

et al

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This article reports on a study to evaluate efficacy and reliability of asynchronous teledermatology for diagnosis of skin diseases. Fifty patients with dermatologic disorders were seen in a poor tropical rural zone, first by non-dermatologists in conventional consultation and then by dermatologists to obtain a diagnosis (gold standard). The latter step consisted of evaluation of filmed lesions by another group of dermatologist later on. Results: there was a high concordance of diagnosis between the two groups of dermatologists when kappa analysis was performed. Conclusion: it appears important to use these technological advances in developing-countries to improve delivery of health care

Drug patents under the spotlight : sharing knowledge about pharmaceutical patents

BOULET, Pascale
GARRISON, Christopher
T'HOEN, Ellen
May 2003

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This report is aimed at a non-expert, non-legal audience, and it aims to offer new approaches to those seeking to overcome patent barriers. It focuses on the issues that World Trade Organisation (WTO) Members can control before a patent has been granted, and discusses how to challenge patents that have been granted, giving examples of the different choices available and the consequences of those choices. This publication has arisen from MSF's need to know which medicines are patented in which countries for its operational work - information which is not publicly available in an understandable form. Includes patent data collected regarding 18 pharmaceuticals in 29 countries, and calls for international organisations to establish a comprehensive, understandable, publicly accessible database of patents and drugs

WHO global strategy for containment of antimicrobial resistance


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This strategy provides a framework of interventions to stimulate the prevention of infection, to slow the emergence of resistance and to reduce the spread of resistant microorganisms, in order to reduce the impact of resistance on health and health care costs, while improving access to existing agents and encouraging the development of new agents

Guide to good prescribing : a practical manual

et al

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This book provides step by step guidance to the process of rational prescribing, together with many illustrative examples. It teaches skills that are necessary throughout a clinical career. It is primarily intended for undergraduate medical students who are about to enter the clinical phase of their studies but postgraduate students and practicing doctors may also find it a source of new ideas

Essential medicines monitor (formerly: Essential drugs monitor

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Aimed at policy makers, prescribers, health educators, administrators and health development organisations, the Essential Drugs Monitor covers national drug policy and the implementation of essential drugs programmes worldwide. Contains regular features on operational research, supply and rational use of drugs, together with reviews of relevant publications

WHO drug information

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A bulletin devoted to international transfer of information on current drug problems
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Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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