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Psicoterapia vía Internet, su práctica, regulación e investigación : el caso del tabaquismo|[Practice, research and regulatory issues of psychotherapy via the internet : the case for tobacco smoking]

PATONI Maldonado, Roberto Israel
May 2003

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Since tobacco smoking continues to represent a serious public health problem worldwide, and digital telecommunications have shown an explosive growth in the last two decades, the present study aimed to document and analyze both areas from the standpoint of human behaviour. The authors propose ways to design and implement cognitive-behavioural interventions via the internet for smokers. The proposal explores such aspects as materials, cost-benefit and basic infrastructure needed for the eventual implementation of the intervention

World health report 2003 : shaping the future


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This report argues that real progress in health depends on strengthening health systems, centred on the principles of primary health care. This requires effective use of existing knowledge and technologies and innovation to create new health tools, along with appropriate structures and strategies to apply them. Success will need new forms of cooperation between international health agencies, national health leaders, health workers and communities, and other relevant sectors. Chapter 1 of the report looks at the current state of global health, highlighting the gap between the poor and better-off everywhere. Chapter 2 reflects on the slow progress towards achieving the Millenium Development Goals. Chapter 3 looks at the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and demonstrates why HIV/AIDS control needs to drive the agenda for the global health community. Chapter 4 looks at the steps needed to achieve polio eradication within the next few years, and chapter 5 concentrates on the lessons learned from the SARS outbreak. The theme of chapter 6 is the the overlap between communicable and non-communicable diseases and injuries occurring throughout the developing world, leading to a crisis of priorities for health systems. The concluding chapter returns to the statement that stronger health systems are necessary, and that strengthening health systems should be based on the principles and practices of primary health care

Where women have no doctor : a health guide for women

BURNS, A. August
et al

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Using simple language and hundreds of pictures, this book provides information on how a woman's body changes, and on monthly bleeding, and has chapters among others on health concerns of girls, mental health and violence against women


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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