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Disability and disasters : towards an inclusive approach | World Disaster Report 2007 : focus on discrimination

KETT, Martha

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This chapter explores why people with disabilities are often ignored or excluded at all levels of disaster preparedness, mitigation and intervention, and the mechanisms now in place to redress this, including the recent UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; and what they are doing to make themselves more resilient to disasters

Through African eyes : culture [chapter 3] | Our common interest : report of the Commission for Africa

March 2005

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Chapter 3 of the Report of the Commission for Africa explores how a number of aspects of African cultures impact on a range of areas of policy making. Challenges some misunderstandings about African history, and asserts that culture is dynamic and adaptive, rather than static bounded 'tradition' as it is often assumed. Considers Africa's great diversity and creativity, and considers the role of the range of networks, including religious networks, in African development processes

Information and communication technologies [Chapter 24] | A sourcebook for poverty reduction strategies

KENNY, Navas-Sabater

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This chapter explores the potential of information and communication technologies in poverty reduction. It is included in a publication written mainly for government administrators involved in implementing PRSPs. Section 2 of this chapter outlines some of the ways in which the poor are using ICTs to improve their own lives, and some of the ways in which governments can use ICTs to improve their service delivery, especially to the poorest. Section 3 discusses barriers to ICT rollout across countries, while Section 4 addresses methods for increased access, including sector reform, pro-poor regulatory policies, and universal access funds. Section 4 also discusses methods of maximizing the poverty reduction impact of government investment in ICTs


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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