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HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination : an anthropological approach. Proceedings of the round table

UNESCO. Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue

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As part of UNESCO's work on culture and HIV/AIDS, this round table on stigma and discrimination in 2002 highlights the way stigma is rooted in and reflects existing social inequalities, and points to a need for close examination of the 'local dynamics of discrimination and solidarity' in any setting. Notes how key 'cultural resources' to fight against discrimination have often been devised principally by people infected or affected by the disease. Many institutions, on the other hand, may gain political advantage through encouraging discrimination. At the same time, constraints of poverty can encourage reactions of denial and avoidance for those facing the prospect of death of loved ones

AIDS and culture (UNESCO portal)


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This is a joint UNESCO and UNAIDS initiative that draws on anthropological perspectives. This initiative has led to a number of specific country studies, and a range of methodological manuals coming out of this work, and a roundtable meeting on an anthropological approach to stigma. These and many more resources are available through this portal


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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