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Opportunities to scale up participatory approaches for youth and media

March 2004

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This paper looks at a different way to scale up participatory approaches, in particular a method that involves participatory communication. It considers how communication, participation, networking, diversity and association relate to the issue of scaling up. It gives examples of participatory approaches to communication which have worked when scaled up, along with the key lessons and principles that can be extracted

Documenting HIV/AIDS best practice

August 2002

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This is one of the good practice series produced by the Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations (UNASO), and provides a useful summary of the issues around identifying, understanding and documenting good practice in HIV prevention, care and support. Particular emphasis is placed on describing the criteria or elements of "best practice"

Collecting and propagating local development content : synthesis and conclusions

May 2002

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Drawing from a consultation process to examine how local content in developing countries is created, adapted, and exchanged, this report provides some answers to these questions. It is a synthesis of lessons; the case stories which are reproduced in an accompanying report provide details on actual experienses and lessons from the ground

The poverty of partnerships


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Discusses the term 'partnership' and its usage in development agencies. Contends that the term is overused with no regard for the centrality of building truly interdependent relationships to the process of development


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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